At Midwood Barkery, we offer a variety of professional dog bath options to help keep your dog looking and smelling great. From a variety of scents and soaks to detangling and furminating, we’ve got you and your dog grooming needs covered. See pricing below the photos, then call us to get Fido a specialty dog bath today!

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BARK! Dog Salon & Spa

Spa Baths 25+

Price is based on size.

$25 for Small Dogs 25 lbs and under
$35 for Medium Dogs 25 lbs to 50 lbs
$45 for Large Dogs 50lbs to 75 lbs
$60 for EXTRA Large


The Full Groom Includes

spa bath with massage and Blueberry facial
⦁ blow drying
⦁ ears cleaned and/or plucked
⦁ anal glands expressed (optional)
⦁ nails clipped

Tiny Trim

Keep your dog looking his/her best between full grooms with a Tiny Trim.  A Tiny Trim is a trim around the face, feet, tail, and potty area.   It is not always possible to perform a tiny trim with an extremely matted dog.  In such cases, a full groom may be recommended.

Tiny Trim Package Includes
⦁ a spa bath with massage. A blueberry facial, and finishing spray.
⦁ blow drying
⦁ ears cleaned and plucked
⦁ anal glands (optional)
nails clipped



Full body
Full body

All extras can be added onto any Full Groom, Tiny Trim, or Bath package:

$10 Nail clip
$10 Dremel
$10 & up nail polish
$10 Anal glands
$10 Teeth brushing
$15 Coconut oil treatment